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GroupOur apples are 2-year on bud, branched and grown on hardy seedling rootstock
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Common NameBotanical NameDescription
Battleford AppleMalus 'Battleford'
A large early season striped red over light yellow apple. High eating quality if picked at proper maturity. Tree is very cold hardy.
Fall Red AppleMalus 'Fall Red'
A good storing, large-sized apple that ripens in the later part of September.
Gemini AppleMalus x 'Jefcoutts'
An outstanding new variety derived from a 'Norland' x 'Haralson' seedling cross selected by Art Coutts of Unity, Saskatchewan and introduced by Jeffries Nurseries. Gemini produces large sized fruit that is crisp, juicy and of medium sweetness. The fruit ripens in late August and stores well into the new year. The tree has excellent cold hardiness and resistance to disease.
Goodland AppleMalus 'Goodland'
A later season high-quality apple. Green with a red blush and good keeping abilities.
Harcourt AppleMalus 'Harcourt'
A large red-blushed, high quality apple, which isn’t featured enough in the market.
Hardi-Mac AppleMalus 'Hardi-Mac'
Medium sized bright red fruit with white crispy, juicy, aromatic flesh and a distinctive flavour. Hardy apple for eating fresh or baking. Ripens mid-September. Original tree in Calgary.
Honeycrisp AppleMalus 'Honeycrisp'
A Minnesota developed apple that has very high eating and storing value. The hardiness is much like a MacIntosh, ripening late in the season.
Kerr AppleMalus 'Kerr'
An extremely hardy, slow growing tree with bright red crabs of the highest quality. There are limited quantities available in CVI.
Norkent AppleMalus 'Norkent'
A newer introduction that is very hardy. Good eating quality and good for storage.
Norland AppleMalus 'Norland'
The favourite of many. A vigorous growing variety with a large, red striped apple.
Odyssey® AppleMalus x "Jefsey"
Introduced by Jeffries Nurseries in 2008. Produces medium-large sized fruit in late August that store well into the New Year. The fruit is crisp and of excellent sweetness. Many have described the flavour as comparable to the 'Royal Gala' Apple that has become a consumer choice across North America.
Parkland AppleMalus 'Parkland'
A medium-sized apple, which is yellow/green with some red stripes. The tree itself stays relatively small.
Red Sparkle AppleMalus 'Red Sparkle'
A new Morden Research Station introduction that matures in early September. Excellent taste, medium size, and good for storage. A McIntosh/Trail cross.
Rescue AppleMalus 'Rescue'
The favourite crabapple. It is very hardy, bears heavily and has good-sized red fruit.
September Ruby AppleMalus 'September Ruby'
A large-sized apple, good for eating and storage qualities.
Strathcona Gold AppleMalus 'Strathcona Gold'
An introduction from Millcreek Nurseries, Edmonton, Alberta. A yellow coloured thin skinned, medium-sized very hardy apple. Good eating quality.
Zestar!® AppleMalus domestica 'Zestar'
The most outstanding feature of a Zestar!® Apple is its sprightly sweet-tart taste with a hint of brown sugar. Zestar!® is juicy with a light, crisp texture and the fruit ripen in late August to early September. Zestar!® has the hardiness to perform in northern apple-growing regions.